Donating vending machine proceeds is an easy and budget-friendly way to give consistently to your favorite charity. There are several ways that this donation can be orchestrated, from vending machine vendors that manage everything to buying your own vending machine and managing it yourself. Regardless of how you choose to go, vending machines are popular and useful in offices, schools and public areas, making them an effortless way to collect charitable donations.

Full Management

Contact a company that manages vending donation from start to finish. Inform the company that you would like to have a vending machine placed in your business or school.

Select the charity that you would like to donate to. When you go through a company that manages everything, your choices will be limited to the charities the company deals with. You choose to forfeit any commissions from your machine in order to give to the chosen charity.

Arrange a time for the vending machine to be installed. Installation is usually free, as are the stocking and maintenance of the machine. All donations collected in the machine and a percentage of the profits will go to the selected charity.


Contact a vending machine vendor. Select a machine to buy, or sign up for a full-service vendor.

Decide how much of the machine's proceeds you would like to donate to charity. If you signed up for a full-service vendor, decide how much of your commissions from the machine's sales you would like to donate to charity.

Contact the charity of your choice to make donations from your vending machine. Inform them of your choice and set up a system for payment of your charitable donation.