How to Write a Receipt for a Donation

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Your non-profit organization cannot continue without it's donors. As you solicit donations from businesses and individuals, be sure to hand them a charitable receipt. This receipt is vital and will be used for their records. It will likely be used to file for a tax deduction at the end of the year.

Create a new page in the word processor on your computer. The only thing that should be printed on this page is the receipt itself.

Center the words "Receipt for Donation" on the top of the page. Use bold letters, so that it may be seen clearly.

Place the cursor on the left side of the page and type the date that the donation was made. Include the month, the day and the year. The date is extremely important, as they record this information on their tax return.

Hit the "Enter" button twice. Write the words "Received From __". In this space, the donor will write their individual name or the name of the business that is donating money or goods.

Add another space and hit the "Enter" button again, so that there is a space before the next line. Type in the words "Type of Contribution" and leave space to write whether the donation was food, clothing, supplies, or money.

Repeat the line spacing again and write the word "Amount" on the next line. It is here that you will write either the value of the contribution, or the amount of money they are donating.

Hit the "Enter" button twice again, leaving enough space between lines. Type in the word "Signature" and leave space for you, or another authorized representative of the organization to sign the receipt. This will give the donor some legal clout, if the donation is contested for some reason.

Repeat the line spacing used throughout the receipt instructions. Type in the words "Tax Donation Number" where your non-profit tax donation number will be written for both your organization's records and for the donor's records.