FedEx provides shipping services to locations around the world. In most cases, these packages can be marked for overnight delivery. Sending papers or packages via FedEx is very easy to accomplish. You have the option to request a FedEx driver come to your home or place of business to pick up the package, or you can take your package to a local FedEx location and have it shipped from there.

Step 1.

Pack your documents. You typically can place the papers in a large brown envelope or a simple white envelope, depending on how many papers you must send. You then will put that envelope inside a FedEx envelope that will be provided to you.

Step 2.

Fill out the shipping label for your package. You can print the label at or drop by a local FedEx store to obtain the shipping label. If you choose to use the website, you will need to register for a free FedEx account.

Step 3.

Schedule a pick up by calling 800-463-3339 and use the phrase "schedule a pickup" when the automated system answers. You can schedule the pickup from or take your package to the local FedEx store. You can find the nearest location on as well. You also can find authorized locations that ship FedEx packages in your area and learn where self-serve drop boxes can be found in your area.

Step 4.

Pay for your shipment by using a credit card when you schedule the pickup on line. You may be able to use other forms of payment by dropping the package off at a local FedEx shipping center or authorized retailer. The specific forms of payment will be determined by the local institution. If you use a self-serve drop box, you will need to put a credit card number on the shipping label.