How to Improve My Sales on Amazon

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Many people enjoy the convenience of selling items on, but wonder how they can make their items sell faster and stand out among other sellers. When looking to improve your own sales, it's crucial to entice customers with a well thought out advertising plan and responsive customer service.

Prepare your inventory for listing by making sure you have a complete list of all of it.

You're most likely to get buyer interest if your items pull up for users in their search, so make sure your items appear under the correct category in the Amazon Marketplace (e.g. computers should be listed in the Computer category and not in Home Improvements or Cookware).

List you inventory with clear titles and descriptive keywords.

Amazon places products prominently that have titles with fewer than 100 characters and no special characters. Amazon also links to keywords for items so that goods can be found. Using correct, short and descriptive keywords will allow your product to appear in more customer searches on the website (e.g. using words like Apple, Apple iPad, Tablet PC and iTunes if you're looking to sell an iPad 2).

Place advertisements with Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising services (see Resources Section).

You can target your ads on these sites to people who are looking for the goods that you're selling on Amazon Marketplace. These ads will generate traffic by putting links to your products in Google searches and Facebook Web pages.

Select the fulfillment option that works best for you and your customers.

Amazon Marketplace allows sellers to fulfill their own orders which might require additional time and data entry when an item is shipped. Details like a delivery method and tracking number would need to be entered by the seller upon processing the order.

Amazon Marketplace also offers the "Fulfilled by Amazon" option which allows the seller to use's resources to automate the fulfillment and delivery process. This also allows Amazon Marketplace sellers' products to pull up in customer searches as items that comply with Prime member perks. Prime members are frequent purchasers of goods from Amazon and subscribe to this service to get free shipping and other benefits.

Follow up with customers after they purchase their goods from you.

Having a positive, memorable interaction with you will make customers want to purchase from you again.

Provide promotions or other incentives to get people to continue to purchase your inventory.

You can entice customers by offering them additional items for free or the lowest price (e.g. on infomercials, users are told that if they purchase one thing, they'll receive something for free; this same tactic can work for you as an Amazon Marketplace seller).


  • Sell cheaper, impulse items to boost your positive feedback and consumer confidence.

    Bundle similar products together and offer package deals on the goods in your inventory.

    Exceeding expectations with faster-than-promised delivery will also go a long way toward building a good reputation as an Amazon Marketplace merchant.


  • When contacting buyers, do not send too many emails. People don't like to be over-solicited and you might be reported for sending SPAM emails which will limit your ability to contact buyers and hurt your reputation as an Amazon Marketplace seller.