How to Write a Business Proposal for Entertainment Promoters

Entertainment promoters market events, such as clubs, concerts or sport matches. The promoters usually team up with the venue hosting the event then help get people to that event. The promoters receive a cut from the venue based on how many people attend. The variable of the cut may only be door, or door and bar or any number of combinations. Reputation is everything for promoters and the industry is competitive.

Determine the audience. The proposal will likely be to a particular venue, perhaps for a particular event. The promoter must know the venue or event. They must know how many people it holds, what the crowd is like and then determine the feasibility of promoting the event. Some events are too large for one promoter.

Write down a list of reasons why the promoters should promote the event. Highlight past successes, reputation, or any unique marketing strategies that will be used.

Consider what terms of the promotion will be. How will the promoters be paid. Some promoters only receive a percentage of the door, others may also get a cut of the bar. The terms may need to be negotiated in person but the promoters should have an idea of what they want.

Write the proposal. The proposal should be a short (one page) outline of who the promoters are, their background and successes, what they want to do (promote an event,) how they will do it and what they want from the venue. Keep the well written and stylish. Consider having a graphic designer spruce up the proposal.

Approach the venue with the business proposal. Normally, the agreement is in person and the proposal will go out in advance to feel out the interest of the venue's management.