Loyalty cards offer customers a reward for their business and can influence their decision to return to you instead of going to your competition. These cards are usually the same size as a business card for easy storage and portability, and usually offer discounts, deals or freebies based on the individual business' preference. It is easy to create simple card-stock loyalty cards that offer a free item or discount after a specified number of purchases.

Things You Will Need
  • Image editing software

  • Printable, perforated business card sheets

  • Printer

  • Unique stamp or hole punch

Creating the Loyalty Card

Step 1.

Use image editing software to design the loyalty card. Standard business card sizing is 2 inches high by 3.5 inches wide, but check your printable sheets to be sure they are standard size. When writing the copy for your card be sure to outline any terms or conditions that apply to your loyalty program.

Step 2.

Decide how many purchases are required before a free item or discount is earned, then design the grid for purchase tracking. This can be located on the front of the card if the grid is small and fits within the rest of your design. If the grid is larger, design a second image and put the grid on the back of the card. Remember, if the grid is on the back, the sheet will need to be run through the printer twice, both front and back.

Step 3.

Format the card image so that multiple copies will print on each perforated card in a full sheet. This is often called a tile layout and is usually formatted in the Print Settings.

Step 4.

Print the sheet of cards. If the purchase tracking grid is on the back of the loyalty card, flip the page over, reinsert it into the printer and print the reverse side.

Step 5.

Fold the perforations on the sheet of cards, then pull them apart. Stack the loyalty cards and keep them in the areas where you or your employees interact with customers. Keep some in your wallet or purse as well, just in case.

Step 6.

Stamp or punch a hole in the card to track every applicable purchase. To track purchases, use a unique stamp or hole punch that is difficult to duplicate.

Step 7.

If a customer does not already have a card, make sure to offer one. Once the required number of purchases has been made, provide the free gift or honor the discount as promised.


For a more professional look, have a printing company print your cards. Some even offer in-house design services to assist you from start to finish.


If a discount or free gift only applies to selected items or is only available at a certain time of day, be sure to specify this in your terms and conditions.