How to Write an Introduction Letter for a Cleaning Business

An introduction letter for a cleaning business is used as a process for familiarizing a new customer with the benefits and services that the business offers. This letter should be clear, to the point and look professional. It should contain some background information on the company. Once a cleaning business adopts an introduction letter, the same letter is used for all new customers.

Use business letterhead. The best way to write an introduction letter is using the company’s letterhead. Letterhead contains the company’s name, address and phone number. If using plain paper, include this information at the top.

Address the letter. A letter of introduction should be addressed directly to the contact person. If it is for a business and there is no specific contact person, address it to the business name.

State the purpose of the letter. The beginning of the letter must state the reasons why you are writing this letter. Explain that you are writing it to welcome the new customer and to introduce the business.

Thank the customer. One of the purposes of the letter is to express your gratitude to the customer for choosing your business. Make the customer feel important.

Introduce the business. Include basic information about the company, such as the types of cleaning services offered. Add background information, such as the length of time the company has been in business. Explain the services the company offers and what sets your company apart from others. Emphasize positive attributes, such as the great customer service offered and that customer satisfaction is one of the company’s top priorities.

Offer to answer any questions in the last part of the body. Ask for comments or concerns the customer may have. Remind the customer that his satisfaction is a top priority and he should not hesitate to call for any reason.

Close the letter. This type of letter typically ends with “Sincerely,” followed by the company name and your name. Include your phone number and email address.