How to Get a Postal ID

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Postal ID cards can be difficult to obtain if you are lacking the appropriate documentation. Before applying be able to prove your personal identity and the purpose for needing the card. Used in a variety of countries, such as India, postal ID cards can help you to obtain registered articles through the mail. They can also provide you with the documentation that you need to cash or send money orders. These cards are ideal for anyone who has just moved to a new country or for those who have an extended business stay ahead.

Compile documents that show proof of address. Use property rental or purchasing agreements. Locate mail items that confirm you are living at the address in question, such as utility bill stubs or even junk mail that has arrived in your name. Find multiple forms or personal ID such as a government issued driver's license, passport, and birth certificate as these all help to prove your identity.

Gather documents that cite your proof of work and travel information for the area. If you are to run into confirmation trouble with the postmaster, this added information can help to prove your reasoning for needing a postal ID card.

Meet with a local, who knows you, that is in good standing with the government. See if this person can vouch for you concerning your residence. Depending on the country and region which you are located, some postmasters will take into account the word of a well known and trusted individual. Have this individual write a short note that includes address and telephone information, or request that he come with you to fill out the application.

Go to your local post office and fill out the proper postal ID application information. Take along the documents citing proof of residence and identity. Be prepared to pay fees such as an application fee, processing fee, and cost of the card itself. Fees will vary depending on the area that you are in.

Bring along a notebook and pen. Write down important information such as the post office address and phone number, the post office worker's name, and the date and time. The post office employee can provide an address and phone number in the event that your postal ID is lost in transit.

Watch for your postal ID in the mail. It generally takes five to seven days to receive. However, before you panic, wait two to three weeks as some areas may have slower mail services than others.