How to Write a Legal Electronic Signature

The Electronic Signature Act of 2000 legalized the use of electronic signatures, and such signatures are now viewed the same way as a traditional written signature. Electronic signatures consist of anything that is a unique identifying mark of a person. Simply typing your name at the end of a document does not qualify as a unique identifying mark. Electronic signatures are often required by employers and by e-commerce businesses, so chances are you’ll need to use one at some point.

Sign your name in black ink on a piece of white paper.

Upload the signature to your computer by using your scanner. Save the image file as “My Signature.” You can also use a friend’s scanner, upload the signature to their computer and send the image file to yourself in an email.

Open the image file in a picture editing program if you want to add additional effects to the signature, such as a different background. Make sure that the background coexists with the signature and does not render it ineligible.

Paste the image at the end of any document you wish to electronically sign. If you’re using an online email client, you must upload the image file to an image-hosting website and copy and paste the image code to the bottom of your email.