Bid proposals are crucial for both large and small business soliciting other companies to purchase their products and services. These proposals must convey why those services are the best fit for their potential client. Using a quality bid proposal template can save time and omissions of necessary information.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Bid proposal template software

Step 1.

Purchase a reputable physical copy or downloaded a bid proposal kit. The kit should include detailed templates with examples for the proposal itself, as well as for the bid cover letter. Be sure to thoroughly examine how the template looks to see if the features provided match your needs.

Step 2.

Draft a cover letter for your bid proposal using the cover letter template. Directly reference how your products or services would best benefit the potential client. Include a brief section with client references. Much like a resume, an effective and direct cover letter is an introduction of your potential skills and services. The cover letter should be clear, crisp and concise.

Step 3.

Carefully insert your bid information in the appropriate sections of the proposal template. Information may include pricing and time frame for services. Be precise and thorough in your proposal but refrain from straying too far from the template.

Step 4.

Proofread the entire bid proposal and cover letter. Check for grammatical errors, sentence flow and accuracy of information provided. Make sure all margins are maintained and consistent throughout the proposal. Include any necessary graphics.


Have at least one person proofread for errors and sentence flow.