How do I Become a 5.11 Tactical Dealer?

by Amanda Maddox; Updated September 26, 2017

5.11 Tactical originally created pants rated for rock climbing. However, today 5.11 Tactical offers a variety of tactical gear, such as clothing, flashlights and footwear, used by law enforcement, firefighters and military professionals. Becoming a dealer for 5.11 requires completing the application process that involves sharing both personal and business information.

Items you will need

  • Business license
  • Taxpayer identification number
  • Application
Step 1

Visit 5.11 Tactical’s “Contact Us” web page. Complete the information required on the page. This includes your name, email address, phone number, city, state and country.

Step 2

Include a subject line, such as “Dealer Request.” Type a message stating you are interested in becoming a dealer for 5.11 Tactical. Click the drop-down menu and choose “Sales” from the list. Submit the request.

Step 3

Prepare for a call from a sales representative in your area. Gather the documents required, including your business license and TIN, or taxpayer identification number.

Step 4

Provide the answers to questions asked by the sales representative. For example, he may ask how long you have owned a business and what other products you sell. He offers to fax, mail or email an application for 5.11 Tactical.

Step 5

Complete the application from the sales representative. Supply your business and personal information, such as income, social security number, a list of assets and other information required. Sign the credit application and complete the W-9 in the application packet.

Step 6

Fax the application, along with the copy of your business license and TIN, to 209-527-1511 or mail to:

5.11, Inc. 4300 Spyres Way Modesto, CA 95356

Step 7

Check the status of your application by calling your sales representative or 866-451-1726. Allow between six and eight weeks for 5.11 Tactical to process your application.


  • Make sure your information is correct when you enter it on the contact page, since this is how the sales representative contacts you.


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