How to Apply for a JCPenney After School Grant

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JCPenney Afterschool is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to supervised after school programs for school-aged children. The J.C. Penney Company, Inc and JCPenney Afterschool have contributed over $80 million to the cause since 1999. JCPenney Afterschool provides grants primarily to individual branches of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, YMCA of the USA, National 4-H and the United Way. Each year, however, JCPenney runs a “round-up” event at 1,100 local stores across the U.S., encouraging customers to round up their purchases to the nearest whole dollar and to donate the difference to JCPenney Afterschool, for use in after school programs. To apply for a JCPenney Afterschool grant, develop a grant proposal and contact your local JCPenney store.

Locate a JCPenney store in your area. As of 2011, there are more than 1,100 stores located across the United States. If you are unsure of the local store’s location, visit the JCPenney website and access the store locator tool (see Resources). Alternatively, call 800-322-1189 to speak to a JCPenney representative.

Develop a grant proposal. Do you want to start a new afterschool program? Are you looking to expand on an existing afterschool program? Essentially, you need to set out in writing how you will make use of the grant money should a grant be made available to you. Form this as a letter of introduction from your organization to the local branch of JCPenney.

Visit your local JCPenney store and speak to the public pelations representative or the operations manager. Give him your letter of introduction. Inquire about the grant application procedure under the “round-up” promotion. Collect the application documents.

Complete your grant application and submit it to your local JCPenney store. If your organization is awarded a grant, you will be contacted.