How to Publish Your Poems Online & Get Money for Them

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The Internet opens a great world for poets to share their written word. There are thousands of online magazines, blogs and websites that offer opportunities for poets to share their work. The Internet also presents opportunities for poets to generate income from their poetry.

Publish Your Poetry Online

Target other poets and writers through the online poetry community. Conduct a search of poetry magazines and join the ones to which you gravitate. These online magazines provide an opportunity to publish your poetry to your peers.

Target to the public through general-interest magazines. Submit your poetry to their writer or poetry sections. Send your poetry to the editor. Create opportunities to have your poetry published on their sites. If a poem relates to an article in the previous month, submit it as a letter to the editor.

Submit your poetry to writing contests. Conduct a search through a search engine for poetry contests and writing contests. Often, the prize entails having your poems published and seen by many.

Promote your poetry through your own website or blog. Publish your poetry through your website or blog and share your hyperlink with everyone you know. Join other websites and blogs and ask them to return the gesture. This will promote your website to their readers and vice versa.

Earn Income From Your Poetry

Include ads on your blogs. Adding ads to your blog can help you generate income each time a reader clicks on an ad.

Publish an e-book of your poetry. Create a collection of your poetry, determine the price and post a link on your website to promote and sell your e-book of poetry.

Sell your poetry on eBay. Find creative ways to display your poetry, such as in a beautiful picture frame or as greeting cards and sell it to the public via eBay.