How to Advertise Affiliate Links for Free

It is possible to make money online without going through the hassle of creating and maintaining your own website. You can do it with affiliate marketing and can advertise links from places like Clickbank for free, which can save you time and money. Having a website may or may not be better for your affiliate venture. If done correctly, you can make money advertising your affiliate links for free.

Conduct Internet searches for products to gauge the products in demand that will make good affiliate options, then decide which you want to offer. You can also look in the Clickbank marketplace to see what has the most potential to sell.

Set up accounts with eHow and other sites, once you have selected a product you want to promote. This will allow you to write reviews and sales articles so you can promote your link and make sales. All these sites are free and have no traffic limitations. Stay away from free hosting.

Write reviews and sales articles. Make sure your material is legitimate and well written to improve your chances of getting a conversion. Embed your affiliate link from Clickbank into your articles and reviews.

Post your link also on classified ad websites. This is easy to do, though perhaps time-consuming to get your ad on all the different cities, but it opens up a whole new avenue for you to make sales.

Make fliers and post them around town to get people interested. Another way to advertise for free is to have a domain name that you redirect to your affiliate link. State on the flier to go to your website, where the inquirer will then be redirected.


  • Don't lie or hype. Consumers are perceptive.


  • Don't scam, because you can get into considerable trouble.



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