Before you discuss your idea for a restaurant business with anyone, it is best to create a restaurant proposal. Your restaurant proposal should show that you have fully thought through your idea and are organized. You can show your restaurant proposal to investors who may be interested in financing your restaurant. The main sections you need to include in your restaurant proposal are the design, management, costs and menu of your restaurant.

Step 1.

Discuss the restaurant’s design. The first thing to discuss in a restaurant business proposal is the restaurant itself. You need to state the location of the restaurant, its size and whether it will be leased or owned. In addition, you should describe the overall design of the restaurant and the atmosphere it will provide to the customers. Here, you should mention the type of crowd to which you wish to cater. You should also include other details about the surrounding area, such as if there will be a parking lot.

Step 2.

Describe the menu. In your proposal, you need to describe the type of food that will be served. You should outline what the contents of the menu are as well as if you will be offering different options at different times of day. It will also benefit you to mention the prices of the meals your restaurant offers, so as to show the standards of customers you hope to attract. You can also include an example of your restaurant’s menu plus portion sizes, if appropriate.

Step 3.

State your plan about restaurant management. When discussing the management of your restaurant, you should emphasize the requirements for the staff you plan to hire. These requirements should include minimum work experience and estimated wages. You can discuss the structure of your team of employees here.

Step 4.

Note the costs of your restaurant. Though you may not know exact costs, you should at least provide estimates. You should mention the costs of all aspects of establishing your restaurant, including costs for design, rent, equipment, food and operations. You will need to mention your budget in this section as well.