How to Write a Proposal As a Consultant

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When companies need help repairing the budget, planning a marketing campaign or restructuring the company, they ask potential consultants to write a proposal for the project in question. The proposal is a documented suggestion of how the particular consultant would approach and complete the project. The proposal covers all aspects of the project including a schedule, consultant plan and full budget.

Write an overview of the project. Explain what you know about the project and describe how a problem facing this business is common among similar businesses. For example, if the project is company restructuring, mention that businesses often need to do this to merge in new departments and positions.

Describe your qualifications, skills and experience pertaining to the project. Share your success stories and include the names of major companies you have worked with.

Include a list of methods or strategies you will use to solve the problems. This section will vary greatly depending on the issue or what is required on your part. Some companies hire a consultant to do the job, while others will hire a consultant to work as collaborations. This section is your opportunity to stand out from other potential consultants.

Outline the services that are included in the methods or strategies. Create an additional list of services that are not included. It is important that the business executives reading the proposal know exactly what they are getting with you. For example, you might offer company restructuring services and implementation methods but will not supply any training services for new employees.

Write a section that shows the fees you will require. Your previous work and consulting experience should reflect these fees, so charge according to your experience.

Write a friendly and warm conclusion. Remind the reader why the company executives should choose you to complete the project.