There are many different types of proposal essays that you might need to write at some point. One thing that all proposal essays have in common is that they present the audience with an issue or problem and propose an action or solution. Your essay will be about implementing your solution.

State the general solution to the issue or problem you are addressing. For example, if your proposal is about how to fix a training program, your general solution might be something like, “Bringing in a professional trainer can help resolve many of the issues surrounding the current company training program."

Break down the implementation of your solution into individual tasks. Each task should require just one step. For example, the first step in the above proposed solution might be to get recommendations for professional trainers.

Explain how each separate task of your solution will be completed. Use action verbs and specific details.

Include what materials will be needed for each task. For example, getting recommendations for a professional trainer involves extra work by staff members who have to get the recommendations. Other tasks might require special equipment or additional business materials.

Add the cost of each task and then the total cost of the implementation of the proposed solution. For example, each task in the previous example might cost a number of overtime hours for staff members completing the tasks. Then, you would need to add the cost of actually hiring a professional trainer. Include this information in your proposal essay.