Business proposals are documents that outlined any research or ideas that apply to a specific topic in question. For example, a business proposal that discusses a new product will include the budget required to launch the product, a list of people who will be in charge of the product development and a plan that explains how the product will be launched. All of this information is very beneficial when making an executive decision.

New Approaches

Business proposals are often created by key players in the business. While a single proposal may be created in a smaller business, several proposals are written in larger corporations. Each proposal may be written by different executives or managers to get a collection of fresh ideas and perspectives. Business proposals are written to provide ideas or approaches to a system or project that may not have been developed by the company executives.

Project Budget

By outlining the entire project or idea in the proposal, a budget can be created, so the executives can see how much it will cost to plan it, create it, develop it and execute it. For example, the company may want to create a new product using new materials. The proposal should outline how much the new materials will cost to bring in, how much it will cost to develop the product and how much the product needs to be sold for to cover production costs and make a profit. An overall budget should be specific, so the company does not face any surprise costs or fees down the road.

Identify Problems

Another benefit of creating a business proposal report is to get a large overview of the entire process. To continue on the last example, the product proposal may show that a full budget has been completed and that key players have been selected for the product completion, but that no marketing strategies have been considered. Executives will read over proposals and pinpoint any sections that have not been completed and need additional attention so the proposal can be fully considered.

Project Benefits

At the end of each proposal, the writer includes a list of positive results that the company will experience or gain if the proposal is accepted and executed. Even though the projections or product benefits are often just hopeful predictions achieved by calculating the sales prices, product trends and production fees, they are often calculated to mirror realistic results.