How to Start a Niche Job Board Business

In 2007, there were more than 40,000 online job boards in America — among them niche job boards designed to serve a particular market. These specialty boards provide a platform for employers in a narrowly defined market to list the positions their company has open; interested applicants submit resumes for those positions through the job board. With the proper preparation and dedication, you can launch and operate a successful niche job board business.

Choose a niche market, preferably one with which you are familiar. Draw on your personal work experience to identify various job titles in your field of expertise.

Select a company name that reflects the board's niche. Search the name online to ensure it's not already in use. Select colors and a logo you feel best represents your niche board.

Design a website or hire someone to do it for you. Your website is your calling card to potential employers and applicants. Whether you hire a professional designer or put it together yourself, be sure it is free of typos, grammatical errors and technical bugs. The board should be user friendly. Break the listings into sub-niche areas. For example, on a health job niche board, you might include subsections for radiologists, nurses, physicians and physical therapists.

Request and publish written endorsements from employers who find an employee or applicants who land a position through your board. Ask each endorser to answer specific questions, such as why they believe they found success using your board or how long it took them to get a job or hire an employee through your board. Such endorsements will encourage others to use your services.

Send questionnaires to recent users as a means of improving the site. The questions should be geared toward the board's performance. It should also ask for suggestions to make the site better.

Contact schools for your niche and request permission to send them brochures to attract job seekers. For example, if your niche board is for the health care industry, send brochures to every nursing school, medical assisting class and local college that offers degrees in your niche market field.


  • Don't make assertions or guarantees that you cannot back up. It will hurt your reputation and may get you into legal trouble with a civil lawsuit.