Light poles are used in a number of settings including highway illumination, parking lot lighting and field lighting for sports stadiums. Light poles consist of basic structural elements such as a foundation, base plate, pole to base plate connection, anchor rods, pole and lighting fixtures called luminaries. Corrosion, poor soil conditions and impact collisions can cause damage to the support frame and foundation of light poles. Thorough inspection of light pole supports will inform you of which repair situation is best suited for the problem.

Things You Will Need
  • Anchor rod couplers

  • Anchor rods

  • Engineered eccentric brackets

  • Steel bracketing system

  • Helical pile

  • Concrete

  • Hydraulic manifold system

Step 1.

Inspect the pole base plate and anchor rods for damage. Place a coupler onto an anchor rod if the rod is not long enough to enter the foundation or the anchor nut is not fully screwed down. Drill additional anchor rods into the base plate and foundation if finding fractured rods. Apply epoxy to set the rods in place.

Step 2.

Perform welding repairs for cracks and dents to the pole due to impact collision. Smooth out gouges using a handheld grinder and an abrasive wheel. If the light pole shows corrosion along the light pole support, you can encase it in cement or create a second foundation for the light pole if the existing one is too damaged to be repaired.

Step 3.

Perform an underpinning method for foundation repairs whenever the creation of a second foundation is too costly and the soil supporting the original foundation has changed due to ground settling. Use concrete to extend the foundation in depth and width until it rests on a more stable soil stratum or the load distribution has a greater area for support.

Step 4.

Install a steel bracketing system that connects the helical pile (helical bearing plates welded to a central steel shaft) to the existing foundation. Place on engineered eccentric brackets along the side of the foundation and raise the light pole in place using a hydraulic manifold lift.