How to Create a Free Company Rubber Stamp

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Rubber stamps are used commonly for printing information that is used repeatedly, including such things as return addresses on envelopes, signatures, and even messages such as "Approved" or "Confidential." They come in handy when a business would like to save time on such office tasks. Rubber stamps are typically inexpensive and easy to personalize through an office supply company. You can even find the option to get a free stamp.

Find an office supply company that is offering a free rubber stamp trial or coupon. Find office supply companies online or in your city or town. (See Resources)

Order your personalized free rubber stamp. Provide the office supply company with information that you would like to show on the stamp. This can include a company address, logo or simply a word that is repetitively used to label things in your office. You may have to fill out a simple form that will request this information. Also, determine if your free stamp comes with ink and other accessories such as a paper label stating what the stamp says. If free stamps and accessories are not offered in the free stamp deal, you will have to purchase them separately. You will need to consider the ink color and perhaps the label font or style when you make your purchase.

Follow the guidelines of the trial or coupon offer for a free rubber stamp. Some trials may require you to purchase other materials to obtain the free stamp. If using a coupon for a free stamp, you will have to provide the office supply company with the coupon or coupon number, if any. If you are having your stamp shipped to your home or office, you will have to pay extra for shipping and handling. Consult with the company from which you are ordering to find out shipping costs and information.

Pick up your free rubber stamp or wait for it to be shipped and delivered. Depending on the store, this may take a day or two to several weeks. Ordering a free rubber stamp from an online store may take longer since it will definitely have to be shipped. It is possible to save time if you choose to pick up the rubber stamp in person.


  • Be sure to check the personal information that you provide to create your stamp. Make sure there are no typos or incorrect information. It is your responsibility to make sure the information is correct.