Brand loyalty was an objective of M·A·C (Makeup Art Cosmetics) founder Frank Toskan, a former hairstylist, makeup artist and photographer. His frustration with finding affordable professional makeup capable of standing up to film, stage and photography lighting resulted in the M·A·C line of skincare products. Bought out by cosmetics giant Estee Lauder in 1998, M·A·C remains a distinct operation with loyal buyers, so sharpen your eye pencils and research this brand before you sign on.

Step 1.

Complete a formal cosmetology program at a local beauty school to earn credentials as a makeup, hair or skin care professional. Master the art of makeup application as part of your formal education. Become familiar with a variety of other makeup brands so you are adroit at explaining the differences between the M·A·C cosmetic line and those of its competitors.

Step 2.

Research the M·A·C makeup market. Talk with department store cosmetic sales associates and shoppers to profile the distinct audience that flocks to this makeup line. Ask both groups to describe the features and benefits of M·A·C products that attract them to the line. Learn how websites carrying this line of cosmetics market the brand so you have an arsenal of opinion and facts to help drive your own retailing objectives.

Step 3.

Study M·A·C’s marketing and branding philosophy. Prepare your business strategies for approaching the company about becoming a M·A·C retailer. Understand, upfront, that company philosophy strictly prohibits the use of commercial advertising to promote products, so don't expect any type of corporate commercial ad support to back your sales efforts.

Step 4.

Order product and company training materials from the M·A·C website to learn the company’s sales techniques, skincare and makeup application procedures and philosophies. Included in the 17-plus M·A·C e-book library are product knowledge and training manuals, skincare tutorials and a guide to applying special effects and character makeup. Several target bridal makeup techniques. If you’re not much on reading, buy the videos. You'll have to pay for all of these resource materials, thus your tab will depend on how much you order.

Step 5.

Compile your certificates and proof of training. (M·A·C invites you to include all types of beauty schools and theater makeup experience.) Include a photo, and apply to M·A·C for admission (online or at an area retail store) to a master class. Complete curricula required to earn an advanced “degree” in M·A·C cosmetics. Apply for a job as a M·A·C Senior Artist to serve as the equivalent of an internship before establishing your own retail business (see Resources).

Step 6.

Contact M·A·C directly for specifics on launching your M·A·C retail venture. Attach copies of school credentials and verification of completing M·A·C training and the company's master classes. Include a business plan that outlines your strategies for selling the brand via a website, direct mail, home parties or a retail store in an area that has no M·A·C presence so you don’t run into territorial issues. Contact Human Resources at M·A·C Cosmetics, 130 Prince St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012 to get started.