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Jan and Frank Day began their successful beauty company, Jafra, in 1956, selling women on the idea of beauty products that were inspired by ancient Egyptian recipes. Jafra sells its products to licensed dealers at a reduced price, allowing the sales team to earn a profit by selling to customers for the retail amount. If you are older than 18 and live in one of the qualifying countries, you can become a Jafra consultant.

Becoming a Constultant

Visit the Jafra website; a link is provided in the References section below. Click the "Find a Consultant" tab in the upper right hand corner of the page. Type your zip code in the box to find a consultant in close proximity to your address. You will need a current Jafra consultant to "sponsor" you or recommend you to the company. Call the phone number listed generated by the computer through the consultant locator function. If you already know a Jafra dealer, then contact her and ask her to enroll you.

Fill out the online order form for your starter pack. Your consultant can help you process your order and answer any questions you may have. The starter pack costs $60 plus tax, and you may pay for it online with a credit or debit card. The company also accepts checks for payment but you will have to mail the form in.

Write down or print the consultant number the online form generates. If paying by mail, you will have to wait to receive your consultant number and starter kit to arrive via the contracted shipping company.

Review your starter kit and become familiar with your product line.Try the products, and read the material that is included. Use the products daily to learn how to wear them properly.

Selling Product

Ask family and friends to host parties for you. Set specific dates and times to show your products to potential customers. Hand out samples to friends who may not want to hold parties but may wish to order. Network with beauty lovers to gain access to a wider skin care and makeup audience.

Arrive at the party early looking professionally dressed. Demonstrate the products to party members. Use the "Show and Tell" approach. Pick up the products one at a time to show the customers what it looks like. Tell the customer what the product is designed for. Take orders by receiving money and order forms.

Review your order. If it totals more than $300 retail, you are ready to order. You will not be able to place your order for less than $300 retail. If you fall short, you can supplement the order with products for yourself or ask your sponsoring consultant for suggestions. Log in to the Jafra website, and place your order. Pay via credit or debit card.

Deliver products when they arrive. Follow up with sales by asking new customers to host parties for you.


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