Founded in 1956, Jafra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of beauty and personal care products. The company aims to empower women to discover and reach their fullest potential. Its products are distributed worldwide through a network of independent consultants. You too can become one of them and build a lucrative business — all you need is the Jafra consultant starter kit and the determination to succeed.


The first step to selling Jafra is to sign up for an account and become a beauty consultant. As your sales increase, you can climb the career ladder and become a team leader, manager, district director or brand ambassador.

About Jafra Cosmetics

Jafra grew from a small family business to a global brand with over 700 products and 570,000 independent beauty consultants. Its mission is to transform the lives of people around the world and build a community of entrepreneurs. The word "Jafra" comes from the names of its co-founders, Jan and Frank (JA + FRA). Back in the 1950s, this young couple developed a line of skincare products and cosmetics inspired by the beauty secrets of ancient Egyptians.

Today, its customers can choose from hundreds of products made with royal jelly and other natural ingredients. Royal jelly is a milky substance produced by honeybees and used in the beauty industry and traditional medicine. Clinical evidence suggests that it may possess antibiotic, anti-cancer, cholesterol-lowering and immunity-boosting properties, but more research is needed to confirm these findings. In clinical trials, this compound has been shown to accelerate wound healing, prevent infections and protect the skin against ultraviolet radiation by increasing collagen synthesis.

The company's line of products includes anti-aging creams and serums, anti-acne treatments, moisturizers, fragrances, cosmetics and body lotions. Customers can also purchase revitalizing shampoos, deodorants and skin care products for babies and children. They can either place their orders online on the company's website or use the Jafra Consultant Locator to get in touch with a representative in their area.

Research the Company's Products

With beauty consultants in nearly 20 countries worldwide, Jafra strives to empower entrepreneurs and help them grow professionally. Whether you want to start a side hustle or switch careers, you may work as a Jafra consultant to supplement your income. The key is to build a loyal clientele and seek new, creative ways to market the brand.

The company's main competitors are Avon, Mary Kay and Oriflame Cosmetics. These brands have an established audience and generate millions in revenue. As a beauty consultant, it's important that you learn about Jafra's products and what makes them stand out. This will allow you to effectively promote them and use their strengths as a selling point.

For example, the Jafra Royal Revitalize collection includes skincare products formulated with royal jelly. As mentioned earlier, this natural compound protects the skin, stimulates collagen formation and may slow down aging by fighting the harmful effects of UV radiation. Another selling point is the low price tag. The beauty products developed by Jafra fit most budgets and are often available at discounted prices.

Why Sell Jafra?

Your success as a Jafra consultant depends on how much work and effort you put into it. If you're passionate about beauty and have business acumen, you could turn this hustle into a full-time job. The best part is that you can make money from day one. The Jafra consultant starter kit includes several different products that you can promote and sell.

Beauty consultants with at least $300 in monthly retail sales earn a 40% commission. As your business grows, the commission will increase to 50%. On top of that, you can earn free products that can be resold, which will further boost your revenue. Jafra also rewards its consultants with discounted product packs.

As a new consultant, you may choose from two different starter packs: the Skin Care Pack includes 25 products, such as lip balms, detox clay masks and facial serums, while the Fragrance Pack contains 29 perfumes for men and women. Each package costs $240 and can bring you a profit of up to $811 when resold at the suggested retail price, which is $1,051 for the Skin Care kit and $929 for the Fragrance kit. Consultants may also use these products for live demonstrations. They also have the opportunity to attend national seminars, go on summer trips, earn bonuses, qualify for free shipping and become team leaders.

What Is Jafra Biz?

All beauty consultants who sign up with Jafra are granted access to an online system called Jafra Biz. Here they can track their sales and commissions, ask questions and learn more about the company's products. Simply follow these steps:

  • Access the company's website and click Become a Consultant
  • Read the terms and privacy policy
  • Fill out the application form with your name, location and contact details
  • Call 1-800-852-3728 to get in touch with the Consultant Care Team if you have any questions

Once your application is processed and approved, you will gain access to Jafra Biz. The next step is to purchase a Jafra consultant starter pack and start selling. New consultants receive a 40% to 50% sales commission, while leaders earn revenue based on the number of sales made by their teams. If your monthly sales as a new consultant are below $300, you'll receive a 30% commission.

As your clientele increases, you may become a team leader, manager, district director or ambassador. This means that Jafra gives its consultants the opportunity to climb the career ladder — just as they would do in a traditional company. The difference is that you won't be stuck in an office and work from 9 to 5; as a Jafra consultant, you can work from home and sell the products online or in person. According to Paysa and other sources, Jafra sales consultants have a median annual income of $74,113; about 25% of them make over $78,000, while the top earners get more than $82,000 a year.

Register Your Business

Before jumping onto the bandwagon, register your business as a sole proprietorship. Jafra consultants are independent contractors. Therefore, they're responsible for paying their taxes.

Business licensing requirements vary among states. Depending on where you live, you may need a general business license and permits. For example, if you open a small local store to sell Jafra and hold live demonstrations, you might have to apply for zoning and signage permits. Check your state's requirements to make sure your business complies with the law.

Reach Out to Potential Clients

Once you've received the Jafra consultant starter kit, learn about each product and its characteristics. Anti-aging creams, for instance, are suitable for men and women over 30. Anti-acne serums, on the other hand, appeal to a younger audience, such as teenagers and individuals in their early 20s. A good start is to set up online advertising campaigns targeted at different age groups.

Another option is to create a beauty blog or website where you can share tips, makeup tutorials and product reviews. Write about the products you sell and compare them to other brands on the market. Outline their potential benefits as well as the ingredients used and what makes them effective. You may also set up a small shop on your website so that customers can order online.

If you already have a job, tell your colleagues about your products. Consider giving them free samples or hold live product demonstrations. As your business grows, you can set up a booth in the mall or at local events. Don't forget about social media, which can be a great marketing tool.