How to Send Spirits Via FedEx

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FedEx ships more than three million packages every day, making the company one of the most successful shipping companies in the world. In spite of the large number of packages shipped daily, there are few products that FedEx refuses to transport. Common materials like books, apparel, toys and electronic products may be shipped with minimal restrictions, but FedEx has special requirements and forms for a few items, including spirits, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Open a FedEx account and document your account number. You will need a FedEx account number before being allowed to ship alcoholic beverages.

Provide FedEx with a copy of the alcohol license from a state or local licensing board. FedEx does not ship alcohol from consumers, so an alcohol license is necessary. Liquor and spirits can only be shipped from licensee to licensee. Wine my be shipped from a licensee directly to a consumer.

Complete a FedEx Alcohol Shipping agreement. The agreement must be completed before FedEx allows shipping of any alcoholic beverages. The FedEx Alcohol Shipping agreement can be obtained from your FedEx account executive. Your account executive will complete the authorization process. A new FedEx Alcohol Shipping agreement will need to be completed for each shipment.

Print a shipping label with FedEx ship manager or with another third party electric shipping label approved by FedEx. The reference field must contain "$AW" on wine shipments to allow for easier reporting to state and local officials.

Pack your shipment using FedEx approved materials. FedEx prefers molded polystyrene for wine and alcohol shipments. FedEx will also accept shipments packed with pulp dividers and die-cut corrugated units. Exterior boxes must be heavy corrugated cardboard.

Request adult signature service for the shipment. FedEx requires an adult signature on all alcoholic beverages in order to comply with state laws.