The state of Missouri doesn't offer one specific license for the sale of wholesale goods, but it does require specialized licenses for wholesale trade in highly regulated industries. For example, if you wish to sell wholesale alcohol, fireworks, weapons, cigarettes or other regulated items in Missouri, you first need to obtain the appropriate license. The Missouri Business Portal provides prospective licensees with the necessary forms online.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number, also known as a federal tax ID. Whenever you fill out any form pertaining to wholesale trade, you must include federal tax ID information — you need it for completing your quarter taxes. You can obtain this number instantly online (see Resources).

Visit the permit search page at the Missouri Business Portal website (see Resources). Different types of wholesale business require different permits, so you first need to determine the exact form(s) needed for your trade.

Click the "Industry" pop-up menu and select "Wholesale Trade" from the list of options. Directly below, a list of wholesale permits appears. Click the item that most closely corresponds to your field or area of interest.

Fill out the form that appears on the subsequent Web page. Depending on the type of wholesale that you select, the system may redirect you to the Missouri Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, the Missouri Department of Revenue or even the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. In certain cases, you may have to select the appropriate form from a list. For example, on the Department of Revenue page, you must select "Request a Dealer Application"; at the Department of Fire Safety website, you must select "Permits for the Sale of Fireworks."


If you want to purchase wholesale merchandise for resale in the state of Missouri, you must fill out the Missouri Tax Registration Application (see Resources) and submit it to the address provided on the last page of the form.