How to Create Email Coupons

Consumers increased usage of online coupons by 60 percent in 2010, according to a report by Direct Marketing News. When you think of coupons, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Sunday morning papers or stacks of advertisements you receive in the mail from time to time. But if you run a small operation and need a cheaper advertising method, create electronic coupons instead that you can email to your mailing list. You can do so using an online email coupon-builder service.

Create your email coupons at the Coupon Builder website. You must log in to an online system to start creating and sending your offers. Add images, bar codes and colors to the coupon to make it look professional and attractive to potential buyers. You can edit the coupon in real-time and preview it in your browser before delivery. You can set the system to notify you upon coupon expiration.

Use Elite Email Marketing to create, send and track your coupon offers online as well. After designing your coupon using a template, a number of font options and images from a library, you can manage it from your online account. Track the delivered coupons to see which ones get opened and redeemed. You can also share the coupon on social networking websites.

Generate and email coupons to the potential customers on your list with Coupon Tank. Select a preset layout, add pictures or a barcode and then type in information about the offer. Take advantage of subscriber management tools to keep track of customer behaviors regarding your coupon offers. In addition to emailing the coupon to your list of customers, you can also send it via social media or post it to your website in a few simple steps.