Notices with tear-off strips at the bottom are used to promote businesses or sell an item. Posting plain notices make it difficult for people to copy down any contact information, while handing out copies of fliers can be expensive. These notices are simple to make with any word processing program. The tabs can include a phone number or email address along with a contact name.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer with Microsoft Word

  • Computer paper

  • Printer

  • Scissors


Click on the "Start" button and open up Microsoft Word. A blank page should appear

Click on "File" and choose the "Page Set Up" option. Set the bottom margin at 2, which will serve as the tear-off strips.

Design the top of the flier with whatever you are promoting or selling. Be sure to include all the information about the item or business type, as well as a contact name and phone number.

Highlight the entire text. Choose the font and size of the text you desire and center the information. Be sure when choosing the size of the font to leave at least an inch or two at the bottom of the page for the tear-off strips.

Move the cursor down to the bottom of the page and reduce the font to 8 or 10. Click on the "Table" option and select "Insert" from the drop-down menu, choosing "Table" next. Set the table for eight columns and one row.

Rotate the text by right-clicking inside the table. This should display a "Text Direction" option, which should be set at 90 degrees so it will type vertically.

Add the necessary information on the first tear-off strip. Include a name, phone number, email address or website. Highlight the cell and copy and paste the information into each cell.

Print the notice on computer paper and use the scissors to cut between each tear-off strip so people can take them if they are interested in the business or item.