Zero Halliburton has been making highly secure luggage, bags and briefcases since 1938. Astronauts took one of its cases to the moon in the Apollo program to collect moon rocks. Zero Halliburton's silver-colored attache cases have appeared in countless films, usually as a secure transport for cash and other valuables. Each case has a three-digit combination code. Without the code, the case is virtually impenetrable because of its sturdy construction and exterior made of durable metal.

Place the case on a surface so that its side with the handle is facing up. Locate the combination lock beneath the handle.

Spin each dial of the combination lock until it reflects the combination code. For example, if the code is 1-2-3, spin the first dial so that numeral 1 is facing up. Spin the next dial so the numeral 2 is facing up and spin the third dial so the numeral 3 is facing up.

Slide the push button to the right of the combination dials in the opposite direction from its resting position. If the button is pushed to the right, push it to the left. If it's pushed up, push it down. Different cases have different push buttons. but all serve the same function. You will hear a clicking sound and the case will pop open very slightly.

Lift the lid of the case to fully open it.