Fundraisers are a way to make money for a school, cause or organization. Keeping your overhead costs low is important, because you want to make the maximum amount of money for your fundraiser.

Creating a free calendar is one way to make money at a fundraiser. Calendars are useful and practical items you find in (almost) every home. Some websites offer free calendars, or you can make your own using your home computer.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Microsoft Word program

  • Computer paper

  • Hole puncher

  • Construction paper

  • Glue or tape

  • Yarn or string

Step 1.

Visit a website that provides a free calendar. Vistaprint will allow one free calendar per customer (you do need to pay shipping costs). You can upload a photo and choose from several design templates. You will be given the option to purchase more calendars if you want, and Vistaprint offers discounts for bulk purchases.

Step 2.

Calendar Labs is another site offering calendar templates. You can select the type of calendar you wish to print from many options and designs. Select your template, enter your information and print. You can customize your calendar to show events, national holidays or any other significant details.

Step 3.

Customize your calendars for selling by mounting each printed month on colored paper. Use a heavier stock paper and select a base color or a different color for each month.

Step 4.

Glue each calendar template to one side of the paper. Select a picture for the following month, then glue that picture on the back side of the paper. Do this for each month. For example, you will glue the January calendar and the February picture to one page.

Step 5.

Punch three holes across the top of each page. Organize the pages according to month, including a front and back cover (the front cover page will have the January picture on the back; the back cover can be blank.) Use the string or yarn to hold the pages of the calendar together.

Step 6.

Sell the calendar at your fundraising event or provide it as a "gift" for people's donations.


Homemade calendars are inexpensive and would be a great idea for school fundraisers.

Some ideas for calendar pictures could be to have your students draw a picture for each month, select the best ones and reproduce them in mass quantity. Or choose photos that correspond with the seasons or sports.