Many businesses and independent contractors often use business cards to network with potential customers and market their services or products. Business cards often contain the vital contact information for the person in question, so the customer knows who to contact for a business deal or purchase. When designing and writing your business card, there is standard information that should be included on the business card. In terms of the design, you have free rein to brand yourself if you are responsible for designing your card.

Step 1.

Write the name of your business on the business card. If you are an independent contractor working under your own name, ensure that your name is printed clearly so people are not in doubt about whose card they are reading. Use a larger or different font to the rest of the card.

Step 2.

Write your name and title on the card. This is often located in a different place than the business name. This is to indicate the contact person within the business and his title. If operating as an independent contractor, simply use your name and the title “Owner.”

Step 3.

Include the physical address of the business, if applicable. If you are running a store and wish to attract customers, include the address. If you are operating from your home and do not wish to attract customers to your home, do not include your address.

Step 4.

Include a phone number, a website, an email address and a fax number below the address information. People should look at your card and be able to contact you quickly and efficiently with the given information.

Step 5.

Insert a logo on the business card, so it is easily identifiable. A clear logo is a method to identify the business card and make it stand out from other business cards, if placed in a pile. Logos also add colors, design and texture to the card.

Step 6.

Design the card so the contact information and company name stands out, but in an organized fashion. You want the information to be prominent, but you do not want it to be simply black on white. For example, you can add the logo in the upper left-hand corner, your contact information in the lower right-hand corner and your name and title in the middle of the card. This creates a balanced layout.