The Dex phone book is delivered once per year to households and businesses in the United States. This phone book is put out by Qwest and is typically only delivered to those in the Qwest service areas, which include 29 states. If you've misplaced, ruined or simply didn't receive the latest edition of the Dex phone book, you can easily order a new one from the DexKnows website.

Ordering Your New Dex Phone Directory Online

Start up your preferred Internet browser and Navigate to Click "Select Your Dex" located at the bottom of the page. Type your zip code into the yellow box on the right of the screen. Click "Proceed to Select Your Dex" located in the green box in the lower right hand side of the screen. Type your personal information into the designated area. Make sure you use your home address if you would like it delivered to your home. Click the circle marked "Now". This ensures you will have it delivered right away instead of waiting until your designated month listed above.

Click the "Submit" button in the green box on the lower right of the screen. Your new printed Dex phone directory will arrive in a couple of weeks.

Visiting your local Qwest office. Locate the local office or call the location nearest you and ask if they offer printed Dex Phone directories.


If your mailbox is too small for the Dex directory, it might be placed on your doorstep.