How to Make the Best Flyers That Will Get People's Attention

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You do not have to be extremely artistic to create a flyer that will grab peoples attention. Making and distributing good flyers is one of the best ways to promote a business or service. If you have good principles of design you will be able to create flyers that stand out from the rest of the competition.

Choose an artistic medium. This will be dictated by your audience and budget. If you have no money to spend you will want to create the flyer by hand or on your home computer. If you are making a flyer for a high end client then you will want to make it on Photoshop and have it printed professionally.

Determine your concept. Your concept is exactly what you are trying to sell. Come up with images that will be eye catching. For example, if your flyer is centered around a car insurance concept you may want an image of a crashed vehicle or a police car pulling a driver over.

Write the first line. The first line of the flyer is the most important because this is what people will read the most. It should be short, to the point and catchy and the first line should not be ill defined.

Be creative. Cut letters out from magazines to create a ransom note style for your flyer. People will remember creative concepts like this. Try to use glitter pens or markers on the flyer if applicable to your audience.

Use light colored paper. Using a light color paper will help the message stick out. Make sure your message is in dark colors so it stands out from the color of the paper.


  • Check the layouts for flyers in online tools such as Photoshop for ideas on how the flyer should be formatted.


  • Test your flyer out by hanging it on a wall first to make sure it is how you want it to look in an effort to avoid it being ineffective.



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