Vision statements are more than mere words that, once written, never again see the light of day. A vision statement defines for your employees and customers what you plan to achieve with your business. A vision statement for hardware stores can be used to attract customers, focus your staff members and increase productivity by keeping business moving toward a specific objective. To accomplish these and more, your vision statement should be inspiring and meaningful.

The Vision

The hardware store vision statement should be customer-focused and look to the future. For example, your vision statement could communicate, “XYZ Hardware promises to work toward providing every customer with access to the best quality tools for any job.” The vision statement is tantamount to stating future goals. Home Depot, for example, based its business concept on a vision of “one-stop shopping for the do-it-yourselfer,” and the company continues to move toward that goal.

Time Frame

A hardware store vision statement can outline future goals by incorporating a timetable, such as, “In five years, XYZ hardware will be the leading provider of hardware serving the building trades,” or, “Within ten years we will place a store on every corner in every major city in Arizona.” Alternatively, a vision statement can delineate far-reaching markers without designating a specific time-frame, such as that belonging to Black & Decker. Its vision statement notes: “Black & Decker’s objective is to establish itself as the preeminent global manufacturer and marketer of power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems."


The tone of your vision statement should be positive, uplifting and full of conviction. It should impart a sense of confidence in your ability to achieve the vision. The statement contents should bring to mind actions and goals that others can visualize. For example, a statement such as, “XYZ Hardware will be the main community resource for providing professional consultations and tool comparisons for any building project” is more compelling than vaguely stating, “XYZ Hardware hopes to provide professional consultations and tool comparisons for any building project.”

Vision vs. Mission

The difference between vision and mission statements can be subtle. Some companies use the statements interchangeably, which could dilute the business's vision of the future. The best vision statements provide guidance, focusing on defined goals for the future. They characterize an attainable vision that all staff members work to achieve. For instance, “XYZ Hardware will offer only top-quality hardware products while fully educating every customer about the optimum use of each product,” illustrates a vision the company is working toward. On the other hand, “XYZ Hardware provides quality inventory acquired from highly reputable sources, to aid our customers in achieving the best resolution to any project,” details who the company is, what it does, how and for whom it is done -- elements associated with mission statements.