How to Create Your Own Corporate Seal

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A corporate seal denotes the mark or signature of a corporation and is most often an embossed impression. The seal was originally created for use on deeds or to legalize certain documents. But as times changed, so did the mark of the seal. Businesses of the 21st Century use it primarily for identification purposes and branding, and many states no longer require companies to have an official corporate seal. While the seal usually bears the company’s name, state and year of incorporation, you can add other elements when designing your own.

Draw the outline of your seal on a piece of paper. It should be about 2 inches in diameter. Seals are traditionally circular but can be a square, hexagon or any other shape you like.

Draw a second circle inside your seal, about one-fourth of an inch from the edge of the first outline. The space inside will be reserved for lettering.

Place your company logo in the center of the seal.

Write the name of your company at the top of your seal. It should be centered neatly above your company logo.

Design your corporate seal any way you like.
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Write the state your company is in and the year of incorporation below the logo. It should be centered neatly below the logo.

Take your design to a stationery company, office supply store or engraver to have an embossing tool made. You can also place your order over the Internet.


  • Use existing corporate seals to guide you in creating your own seal.


  • Be sure your seal doesn’t duplicate another corporate seal. Uniqueness is a large part of the look of the seal.



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