How to Start an Electronic Repair Business

by Philip Rodney Moon; Updated September 26, 2017

People have become more reliant on technology for entertainment, work and getting around. The gadgets are increasingly mobile, which makes them more useful, but also more prone to damage. High-end electronics are expensive to replace and may contain data that people need. Opening an electronics repair shop can serve the needs of electronics owners and make you money. Electronics shops should an adequate workshop and good customer service. Repair shop owners can become authorized service centers that partner with electronics manufacturers to repair customers electronics and fulfill warranties.

Items you will need

  • Electronic Repair Certification
  • Business License
  • Workspace
  • Workbench
  • Electronic Repair Tools
  • Security System

Starting a Repair Shop

Step 1

Get certified in electronics repair. Certification may be required by state or local law to offer repair services. Certification also gives customers confidence that their electronics are being handled by a professional.

Step 2

Get licensed and bonded as a business. Follow any local licensing requirements for an electronics repair shop.

Step 3

Rent or buy a commercial building space. The building should be easily accessible to customers and have space for a reception area and workshop. Install a security system and post notice of the system to deter thieves and reassure customers.

Step 4

Set up the workshop. The floor should be easy to clean, anti-static and non-sticky. Three-prong outlets should be available and the area should be wired to handle multiple electronics running simultaneously. The area should be well lit. Workbenches should have their own outlets with surge protectors and a magnifying lamp. Arrange storage shelves to organize incoming and outgoing electronics.

Step 5

Buy electronic repair tools and testers. Tools like soldering irons, solder, oscilloscopes and voltage meters are essential for a repair shop.

Step 6

Buy replacement electronic parts from suppliers. Many suppliers are authorized distributors of parts for many brands of electronics.

Step 7

Contact manufacturers about how to become an authorized service center. Requirements may include special training in repairing products, the look of your shop and services offered there, and evidence of a good track record. The investment of time or changes to a shop will pay off in referrals and warranty work.

Step 8

Promote the company by advertising. This can include direct mail, newspaper advertising, television and radio. Let customers know about your certification and if you are an authorized service center.

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