The Sharp XE-A505 is an electronic cash register with a cash drawer that automatically opens when you push the “CA/AT/NS” (Total/Amount Tender/No Sale) key during a sale or exchange. The XE-A505 cash drawer will not open if someone has locked it with the drawer key. Additionally, a power outage or machine malfunction can affect the automatic feature. When you can’t open the drawer, you must use the key and/or the drawer's manual unlock lever to open the drawer.

Things You Will Need
  • Cash drawer key (optional)

  • Helper (optional)

Check that the drawer key slot on your Sharp XE-A505 Electronic Cash Register is in the horizontal, unlocked position. If the slot isn't aligned horizontally to the cash wrap or checkout counter top, insert the cash drawer key into the slot, turn it clockwise 90 degrees until the slot is horizontal, remove the key and then push the “CA/AT/NS” key to open the drawer. If the slot is horizontal, skip this step.

Lift up the back of the cash register carefully. If necessary, ask another person to help you do so.

Slide the cash drawer’s manual-unlock lever located underneath toward the back of the register to pop open the cash drawer.

Return the register to its original position and finish the sale or exchange.