Office Max is the sole purveyor of the private label TUL line of office products, which includes a number of standard items like staplers, scissors and tape dispensers as well as writing implements like markers, pens and mechanical pencils. The sleek appearance of the TUL items is meant to convey the products' "sophisticated design," according to the manufacturer. The TUL mechanical pencil comes in 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm versions.

Remove the eraser located at the top of the mechanical pencil. Grip the eraser and pull it straight up and place it to the side. Removing the eraser will expose a chamber where the lead for the pencil is located.

Hold the pencil upside down to remove the old lead. Shake gently to remove any unseen debris.

Remove the lead refill from its package. Slide the refill into the chamber.

Replace the eraser. Press down on the eraser several times until the lead emerges from the pencil.