How to Furnish an Auto Repair Shop

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Equipping an auto repair shop for success starts with a workable plan to put into action. Auto repair technicians will need specific equipment for vehicle repair. Your successful small business will depend on learning how to find the equipment you need.

Make a list. Decide what vehicles your auto repair shop will service. Some shops deal mainly with foreign cars, while others service a variety of manufacturers. If you have experience with Toyota, for instance, perhaps you want to stay with that brand for car repair, at least in the beginning. Know what repairs the auto repair shop will fix, and whether this includes dent repair or major collision restoration. Having a scope for the services offered is a starting place for finding furnishings. If you haven’t already created a business plan, include this information in it.

Plan a budget. With every Hollywood film, directors receive a budget to create and produce a movie. The same goes for small business. Shop equipment become assets in your accounting and bookkeeping data. Plan how much your business has to spend on the equipment needed to supply the auto repair shop.

Review product lines. Companies offer pictures and descriptions of products online. If you know of a favorite product line, try contacting the company directly. Buyers can find equipment for an auto repair shop, but you might wind up paying extra for this service. If you have previous experience in auto repair, you'll probably have an idea about which brand names are most reliable.

Find out about auctions. Sometimes other auto repair shops sell used equipment for different reasons. Check local auction service businesses in your area online. Sewell Auction Service, for example, has details of local business auctions in the Missouri area.

Install equipment. Once you buy the needed auto repair equipment, you will have to install and stage it. If you bought lifts from online sources, most will simply ship the product to you and you have to install it. If you do-it-yourself, a good principle to go on is to “measure twice, drill once,” according to Bassman on the Team Camaro Tech forum. Other companies, such as American Lift Systems, Inc., offer national service for installation with approved technicians.

Organize your tools. Organization is essential for technicians to find the right tools when they need them. Buying a large tool cabinet for each workstation helps with organization. Having a bench with proper lighting also lets technicians work on individual parts. Organization in this area can include many car parts in properly labeled cabinets.

Test the staging. Website designers and coders test sites before releasing them as a final product. Test your auto repair staging and installation before opening the doors to customers. Being sure that everything works properly and is in the right place is essential to saving time and hassle while repairing cars. Do a few trial runs with a vehicle to prepare your team for working with customers. If anything comes up during practice, tweak the equipment location and test again.



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