How to Apply for Minority Business Grants in Atlanta, Georgia

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Grants for minority-owned business startups in Atlanta, Ga., may be available from private entities and local county and city sources, depending upon the nature of the business. Federal and state government business grants are not offered for business startups, but are available for nonprofits, educational and technology organizations, research and development startups and rural programs. Small-business loan assistance and venture capital are available for minorities in Georgia, but, unlike grants, these must be paid back.

Make an appointment with Georgia Tech's Minority Business Enterprise Center, whose counselors will determine your needs and instruct you on how to obtain financial assistance and grants if they are available for your business type. The center offers business planning, loans, grants, financing, info on how to apply, and other valuable services.

Minority Business Enterprise Center 75 5th St., Suite 700 Atlanta, GA 30308 (404) 894-2096

Research other companies offering grants and funding for minorities in Georgia. Go to the website and enter your search parameters and your state. Research the state of Georgia's website, where there are links to minority small-business financing and other resources. This site explains how the state of Georgia defines a minority-owned business and provides links to Georgia organizations that may provide grants and loans for minority business owners. Refer to references below.

Research and register for U.S. federal grants at You can browse by category or agency, or perform a basic or advanced search. Download application packages and follow the directions on the website.



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