Nonprofit organizations require a constant influx of funds in order to provide services for the community. According to the Giving USA Foundation, charitable gifts exceeded $300 billion in 2008. Fundraising requires time, effort and imagination. Ideally, a nonprofit secures long-term funding through grants, sponsorships and memberships. Additionally, nonprofits organize fundraising events and other promotional efforts to secure financial support.

Step 1.

Research and apply for grants. Federal grants, private foundation grants and corporate grants provide a large resource for funding. The grant application and award process requires several weeks to several months. Nonprofits should make it a priority to apply early. A grant writer can be contracted to facilitate research and application. The organization pays the grant writer a fee for services or may accept grant writer services as an in-kind donation.

Step 2.

Create a dynamic website that engages visitors. Include the organization’s mission statement, members of the board and prominent donors. Employ multimedia such as audio and video with guest interviews and footage from events. Provide contact forms, phone numbers, instant messaging and other features that engage and facilitate contact.

Step 3.

Employ social media such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your cause. Post news of events and current fundraising efforts. Thank donors publicly by providing real-time tweets with information about donations collected.

Step 4.

Utilize online fundraising platforms that provide campaign promotion and support. Online platforms publish events, manage email and sell tickets. Widgets collect donations directly from the nonprofit’s website and social media pages. Fundraising platforms charge a small percentage of donations collected through the site.


Ask other nonprofits in the area to share expertise. Nonprofits work for the benefit of the community and willingly share ideas and resources in order to support others with similar goals.

Issue a press release to announce events and major changes. Submit the press release to local newspaper and public radio stations and to online news sources.