How do I Start a Natural Hair Care Product Line?

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The growing trend toward upscale natural products in spas, salons and high-end retail outlets makes this a smart time to start a natural hair care product line. Mintel, a leading supplier of product and consumer intelligence, reports there is plenty of room for growth in the natural personal care market. According to Mintel’s Global New Product Database, products with an organic or natural claim encompassed 10 percent of all new product launches in 2009.

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Identify your target consumer. Your products might be aimed at a specific age, ethnic group or hair type. Research the needs of your target consumer to make sure your products satisfy their hair care concerns.

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Research natural ingredients and their benefits. Shea butter, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, henna and coconut oil are all popular ingredients in natural hair care products.

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Check the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. The FDA has guidelines that regulate the production, labeling and storage of health and beauty products. Whether you start your natural hair care product line in your kitchen or in a factory, you must follow these guidelines.

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Consult a chemical engineer. Even when using natural ingredients, a professional may need to evaluate product safety and shelf life. A chemical engineer could assist you with natural hair care formulas and refine existing products to make them more effective.

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Price your product appropriately. Although consumers are willing to pay more for natural products, pricing your product too high may limit the number of consumers who will purchase your line. Compare your natural hair care line to similar products on the market to determine price.

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Find a distributor. Nearly half of all hair care products are distributed by major retailers. Other hair care products are sold through individual businesses. Start Up Biz Hub recommends finding a distributor with products that meet the needs of your target consumer. Convince store and salon owners to sell your products on a consignment basis. Another possibility is selling your products in a mall kiosk or online.



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