When it comes to business, the name of an organization can have a huge impact on its popularity or can sometimes be insignificant next to the amazing product or service that is offered. The name often has a story behind its creation.

The Beginning

Nearly 50 years ago, in 1963, a young entrepreneur purchased a single waste management business with the idea that the business of waste disposal was not only a necessity in any community but was also an industry with a responsibility to the environment that is met through the practice of collection and management of waste.

The Man

The young entrepreneur was a man with a vision for the future and a quest to be a leading innovator in the field. Taking a straightforward approach to business, this entrepreneur simply used his initials when it came time to create his own organization. Clifford Robert Ronnenberg, aka CR&R, put his energy into building an empire stamped with his own name.



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Today, CR&R Waste Services services the San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and Imperial counties in the areas of residential and commercial waste management that places focus on recycling and environmental practices in waste management. The company is an innovator in the industry by providing services such as a three-can curbside recycling program and also by installing California's first biofilter that is used to control odor at one of the recycling plants.

One Man's Trash


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Clifford R. Ronnenberg knew that the environment was not an enlarged trash receptacle, and today CR&R has improved its recycling programs so that they are user-friendly for customers, convert garbage into clean-burning natural gas and save up to 1,000 tons of construction materials per day from being dumped in a landfill by using a state-of-the-art material recovery system.