How to Get a Toll-Free Conference Line

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Toll-free conference lines allow parties to meet via the telephone to discuss business matters, and anything else that they may want to discuss. Since there are many businesses offering toll-free conference lines to their clients, it is not overly expensive to find a company you feel comfortable using. When you have the privilege to give teleconference attendees a phone number that is free to call, you remove the barrier associated with price, and make it much simpler for people to phone in from anywhere in the country.

Research companies that offer a set monthly charge for their services. Businesses that have a tight budget may want to choose a toll-free conference line provider that provides a set monthly fee. This fixed cost makes it easy to know how much you have to spend each month to provide toll-free lines to all conference call participants.

Ask your current phone provider if it offers toll-free services. Since you already have a relationship with your telephone company, ask what it would charge to add toll-free conference calling to your existing phone plan. It is often possible to save on costs when you incorporate these services into the business phone plan you already have.

Ask the phone companies you interview what type of bulk discounts they offer. Consider how often you will be using your toll-free conference line service, and use the number you come up with as bargaining leverage. For example, if you know that you will be using the conference service at least three days a week for a certain number of hours, let the conference line providers know this is your plan. The companies you speak with may reduce your rates because they know you will be a heavy user. However, ask each company if there are any costs you will incur in the event you do not hit the usage levels you anticipate.

Find out if the company you select to host your conference lines will pay you a fee when you refer other companies to them who sign up for their services. This will allow you to earn additional income, and offset your monthly costs each time you refer a new paid subscriber.


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