Most businesses make their toll-free 1-888 number available on their website, but some do not. Toll-free numbers come with a cost that some companies would rather not pay, so instead, they provide a local number to avoid such charges. With the help of an online toll-free directory, however, it is possible to track down the numbers you need. Four such directory services are listed below.

Visit "Go Toll Free" on the internet and enter the company's name. You will have the option of narrowing your search by state. You can also customize how the search results are displayed in lists of 20, 40, 80 or 100.

Go to "Get Human" on the internet. Start by entering the company's name. In addition to providing the toll-free numbers for companies that do not readily offer the information, this site provides customer reviews and tips on getting to a live operator or representative who can help you.

Go to "Hard To Find Toll Free Numbers". Select the letter of the alphabet that corresponds with the name of the company you are looking for. Scroll through the possible results for your desired listing.

Visit "No Phone Trees". Search using the name of the company you are looking for.