Depending on the configuration of a copier, it most likely has the ability to collate copies. Most digital copiers come with this feature standard, while most analog copiers require a sorting tray in order to collate. Collating copies is a convenient way to distribute multiple sets of copies in the correct order. This article will explain the steps needed to collate on a typical digital copier.

Step 1.

Place two or more pages into the document feeder. Check your user's manual to determine if the pages in the document are placed face-up or face-down.

Step 2.

Press the "Collate" button on the copier. This button will be either on the main copier touch screen, under the "Finishing" button, or it will be a hard button on the copier.

Step 3.

Enter the number of sets you want to make. Most digital copiers can make up to 999 sets.

Step 4.

Remove finished copies from the copy exit tray.