Obtaining a conference call number is an easy process. Conference call numbers provide seamless services when you have a telephone meeting of more than three people but may accommodate hundreds of callers. Companies typically have a bank of numbers available for conference calls and your phone carrier can set you up with one if there is not already one in place. Conference call numbers may also be also obtained online with a few simple clicks from the variety of companies that provide conference call servicing. Conference call numbers may be toll-free or long-distance or both.

Step 1.

Check with your company’s telecommunications department or phone carrier to determine the availability of existing conference call numbers for your usage. Often companies have extra unused numbers reserved and available for immediate usage.

Step 2.

Contact your current phone carrier to inquire about setting up a toll-free conference number. They may sell telephone conference packages that include a number and other features for your meetings. If you are seeking multiple numbers they often have volume business discounts and plans for current customers.

Step 3.

Obtain a conference call number online through freeconferencecall.com or instantconference.com or another website that offers free or discounted conference call numbers. Signing up online is easy and fast. Keep in mind that the number may not be toll-free, the line may not handle the capacity of callers you need and may be of poorer sound quality.

Step 4.

Contact the large carriers such as AT&T or Sprint who offer conference call numbers along with other features such as operator assistance and Web integration. Phone service from larger telephone carriers may be of higher cost but provide a higher capacity of lines, instant operator access during conference call and live operator hosting ability

Step 5.

Access a website that shows a rate comparison between conference call carriers. Type in your estimated number of conference calls per month, number of participants and length of calls and compare the differences. Often these sites allow for immediate online sign up for a conference call number.


Evaluate your conference call needs in terms of line capacity, hosting and frequency of usage prior to obtaining a number.