Coin operated car washes allow automobile owners the chance to clean their own cars with professional equipment. Coin operated car washes will cost owners substantially less money than full serve washes. A few employees are needed, but not nearly as many as at a full serve washes. Many types of coin operated car washes allow owners to be creative and flexible. Some washes have tunnels where customers ride through, while others have bays with spray guns that allow customers to clean their own. Coin operated car washes can be very profitable for business owners if they provide a quality service at a reasonable price.

Things You Will Need
  • Car wash consulting firm

  • Investor or loan money

Decide a location for the car wash. Location is crucial to attracting customers. Car washing isn’t always a planned event. A lot of people decide to wash their cars when they see a car wash sign while driving. Building a coin operated car wash in a high traffic area will only help business.

Decide what type of design you want for the wash. The amount of land available will play a major role in this decision. Most tunnel washes won’t take up nearly the space as washes with multiple bays. Tunnels are narrow but are longer than bays. Individual bays take up a lot of space but require a lot less equipment.

Hire a consulting firm to help you plan how the wash will operate. Most consulting firms will charge a high fee, but are well worth the money. The people that work for consulting firms are experts when it comes to car washing. These firms can be hired for a long period of time until you are ready to take over yourself.

Draft a business plan to apply for a loan. Include every cost imaginable from land to labor. A well written business plan will only help your chances of receiving a loan. Total cost could range dramatically depending upon how big you want the wash to be.

Hire contractors to build the wash. Quality contractors can be found with the help of the consulting firm you hired. Building the wash could take a long time, but will be well worth the wait.

Hire employees to help the wash operate as efficiently as possible. The consulting firm might already have people ready to work. Hiring employees with car washing experience will reduce the training periods.