How to Maintain Customer Relations

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The success of any business relies a lot on satisfaction of the customers, whether a service or product is being provided. After the service or product is given to the customer, the relationship may still be maintained. Maintaining customer relationships can be as simple as keeping in touch on a yearly business. Continuing a relationship with a customer can also ensure that customer's loyalty, so it is imperative for companies to maintain a strong relationship.

Stay in contact with customers on a yearly basis. Create a database with the customer's information, including her name, phone number, address, email and interests. Many companies retain customer information on computers, which send out automated emails or phone calls during the holiday season. Send personal cards to a customer's home address if your business has a small number of clients. Messages sent during the holidays reinforce the customer's perception of the company.

Fix problems that may occur with customers involving a dispute over a sale or service. Customer loyalty can diminish if a dispute has not been solved in a quick and efficient manner. Maintain the relationship by apologizing to the customer and offering an incentive to come back. Send a letter of apology via mail or email along with a coupon or refund. Failure to fix a dispute will result in a broken relationship.

Find out what customers want in terms of products or services. Speak to the customer to find out what the company can do better to serve him. For example, some large retailers offer free gift packaging. Customers will remember this service and may buy another gift because of it. Hand out or email surveys through the customer database to determine what services or products customers want next. Keep the surveys concise, with five questions or less. This will generate higher feedback because customers will not feel they are wasting their time.

Send monthly coupons for free or discounted products or services though mail or emails. This will remind customers that the products or services your company offers are still around. Maintaining the relationship with incentives is one way of generating new business as well.


  • Emails are cheaper to send than mail; however, they are more impersonal and subject to being seen as spam. Listening to a customer's needs and improving the value of an item or service is the best way to maintain a relationship and improve the company.


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