What Are the Causes of Customer Service Breakdowns in Business?

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Customer Service is the lifeblood of any business. Without good relationships with your customers, you are jeopardizing your sales, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profits. The first step in improving customer relationships is understanding where the breakdowns in customer service happen in business.

Significance of Failures

Poor customer service creates poor business relationships and in the long run will cost your business in decreased profitability.

Identifying Problems

One important way to identify customer service breakdowns is through the use of customer surveys. Carefully analyzing the data will provide specific reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Forms of Breakdowns

Customer service breakdowns in business come in many forms including apathy, lack of knowledge, rudeness and disrespect.

Cost of Breakdowns

Customer service breakdowns cost you money. Many customers who leave dissatisfied with your service will not complain, they simply will not come back.

Prevention and Solutions

A prudent business manager will provide proper training to make sure employees have the tools to provide excellent customer service. The manager will then identify potential customer service breakdowns and eliminate them before it costs the company its reputation and profits. If an employee is consistently rude and disrespectful to customers, corrective action must be taken. If the employee fails to respond, termination may be necessary. Paying close attention to customer feedback and areas of customer dissatisfaction will help build a base of loyal customers.



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