What is a Customer Service Charter?

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A customer service charter is a framework of how businesses work with customers in terms of excellence, payment, response times and overall standards. Companies always have competing entities, and the customer service charter is something that allows them to stand out over the competition.

Defined Overview

Customer service charters often begin with an overview of the company and its mission. This is when the company states what its goals are and how they relate to the customer.

Customer Rights

The customer service charter also includes verbiage pertaining to customer rights and expectations. It generally involves the expected time frame for customers to receive their products or services and outlines how companies handle dispute processes.



Customer service charters are reassurance for customers that the company will deliver exemplary service and refund money when there is a legitimate dispute about the quality of a product or service. These charters are usually posted on company websites and made available in stores where customers physically go to buy.


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